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CMO wine program processing



We are aware of the difficulty of requesting, executing and justifying European CMO programs. To help you along this long path, our staff is specialized in processing these subventions. Our experts will be there since the beginnings of the process, helping your company decide the best promotional activities and the best way to carry them out.


Once the strategy is designed, we will walk by your side in every step of the process to adjust each one of the promotional actions in order to decide further steps. International markets are constantly changing and our staff will be able to adapt any promotion plan, arranging modifications and any necessary change in CMO programs.


We are in constant contact with Public Administrations all over Spain to be the first ones to learn the last updates and to do a whole follow up of all the files we process. Until now, we have processed more than 15 million Euro in these programs and we have completed files all over Spain. 




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