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Globalization has created a lot of opportunities for all those companies longing for taking their products beyond their borders. Nowadays it is easier to reach other countries and markets, what involves a fierce competition and the necessity of standing out of the rest because of the quality of our products as much as because our approach to the market.

When focusing on different countries, our expertise in international markets has taught us that translating our message is just not enough. When planning your international marketing strategy our international marketing department considers elements as language, culture, market saturation or consumers behavior.

The message we want to spread does have to communicate something, it has to offer the history of the winery and its wines in the most possible efficient way. Exitalia’s goal is to shape the message so that it perfectly reflects the client’s vision. 

We are completely aware of wine situation all over the world thanks to our great specialization in wine market. The approach has to be different if the client wants to position in China or in the United States or if a campaign is going to be carried out in Russia or Japan. We get adapted to each one of these markets, understanding their situations and using innovative tools that help create a solid corporate image. 

Along the last few years we have developed hundreds of promotional actions all over the world. All of our projects, regardless of their complexity, are special for us and are completed according to our clients’ objectives. The difficulty that can be found in any project is just an incentive to improve.






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